Tom And Jerry Halloween Battle

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Game Description:

This is new game Tom And Jerry Halloween Battle for free online at our website Instead of simply going to some Halloween costume party, Tom and Jerry decided to wage war. Jerry got his hands on some kind of little cannon, which is shooting green balls and he is using it to pierce balloons. Now, that wouldn't be strange if Tom wasn't attached to those balloons and is using them to fly. If we were to try and decide on a genre of this game we could've called it a defense shooting game, because we have one Jerry and Tom is multiplied and is coming in waves. If you let 4 Toms pass, Jerry is losing 1 life. However, it will be very difficult for Tom to sneak by, because Jerry has some good tricks up his sleeve: machine-gun fire, rockets and dynamite. Each move brings points. The goal of the game is to hang on as long as possible and collect as much points as possible.

How to play:

Mouse to play this game.

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